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Another blessing on the way ^_^

16 Jul

When you are a mom, your life really revolves primarily around your family especially, around your little bundle of joy. I know my fellow mommies would agree. From the day I knew that I was pregnant, I couldn’t help but get excited everytime I reach a milestone of my pregnancy (monthsary of my pregnancy, OB visits, baby kicks inside me). Trust me, I swear my husband gets a little annoyed when I call him everytime the baby moves but that’s just the way it is 🙂 When you give birth, it’s the most amazing moment in your life. The first time you see the baby that you carried inside you for 9 months or so. Now, my little angel is 3 years old, SUPER DUPER MAKULIT and now going to be an ATE 🙂

This is long overdue but I just have to say how ecstatic I am to be pregnant again. Its just like the first time 🙂 I still don’t know the gender though.

I just hope and pray that I will delivery my little angel safely and that HE/she will be healthy. ^_^


Hello world!

16 Jun

Hello world.

This will my very first blog. I have always wanted to write blogs, but because of the lack of excitement in my life, I can’t find the things that I should write about. So, I decided to write a blog for myself. I would not mind if nobody would bother reading it. I just want to express myself. ^_^

The truth is I really envy the true bloggers. How they seem to have lots of things to say, even on the most simple subject. Their art of using words that keep readers following their blogs are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. At first I am really not into reading blogs. besides, its just about people doing their stuff, people sharing the stuff they experienced and other stuffs. However, I got excited when one of my favorite jocks Chico Garcia, announced back then that he has a blog So to cut the story short, I enjoyed reading blogs and got addicted to it. Now, I am reading blog after blog. It’s fun, you should try it 😀

Because, it’s already 1 in the afternoon and I should be working. I have to end this post, with a wishing that I will have more post to write and blogs to read. Ciao!