I was formerly known as Karla Katrina Carbonilla till I was married to a fine lad named Alvin Dexter Lim. So know I go by the name karla katrina Lim. Your average friendly neighborhood spiderman šŸ˜€ joke.

I’m a very happy person. you’ll often see me laughing and smiling. It takes a lot to get me down. Unless it’s really heartbreaking, specially when the people I love are involved >_<. I'll fight till death. As they say "hell hath no fury than a woman scorned". I am very flexible. I can enjoy spending my time going out with friends or alone just reading books or watching my favorite shows (in compiled pirated dvd)or movies but preferably i enjoy the latter more ^_^. I enjoy watching crime mysteries. That's my frustration. In my fantasy I'm a forensic scientist. I really like to be one but the at the rate of development of technology here in the Philippines (and i suck in chemistry), i rather not. So the fantasy remains a fantasy.

I only have 3 goals in life. one, I want to be successful in the career that God chose for me. Two, to be with a person who will give me the life that I deserve to have, and three, to give my mom a happy life when she gets old. I first dream is currently on hold and will assume action next semester :D. I jumped to my second dream wherein I have no regrets. I'm so thankful to god that he gave me a good partner. I do not long for a very luxurious life. I am contented with a simple but happy life. I strongly believe that material things are nothing. It get's outdated, and eventually you have to buy the latest one to fulfill your satisfaction. I'll go for a man who will love me more than anything. A man who could make you feel so loved that you would not search love from anything else. And thankfully that's what I got. Well, the rest of my goals are yet to be reached but i know in time, it'll be within my reach.

Especially when god is at your side. Prayers are powerful you know? (manny?! is that you?*wink*)


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