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Another blessing on the way ^_^

16 Jul

When you are a mom, your life really revolves primarily around your family especially, around your little bundle of joy. I know my fellow mommies would agree. From the day I knew that I was pregnant, I couldn’t help but get excited everytime I reach a milestone of my pregnancy (monthsary of my pregnancy, OB visits, baby kicks inside me). Trust me, I swear my husband gets a little annoyed when I call him everytime the baby moves but that’s just the way it is 🙂 When you give birth, it’s the most amazing moment in your life. The first time you see the baby that you carried inside you for 9 months or so. Now, my little angel is 3 years old, SUPER DUPER MAKULIT and now going to be an ATE 🙂

This is long overdue but I just have to say how ecstatic I am to be pregnant again. Its just like the first time 🙂 I still don’t know the gender though.

I just hope and pray that I will delivery my little angel safely and that HE/she will be healthy. ^_^