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Despicable me ^_^

25 Jul

Karla is Karla.

I was formerly known as Karla Katrina Carbonilla till I was married to a fine lad named Alvin Dexter Lim. So now I go by the name Karla Katrina Lim. Your average friendly neighborhood spiderman 😀 (I don’t know about “friendly,” I seem to have the maldita vibe to others.

I’m a very jolly person. you’ll often see me laughing and smiling. It takes a lot to get me down. Unless it’s really heartbreaking, specially when the people I love are involved >_<. I’ll fight till death. As they say “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned”. I am very flexible. I can enjoy spending my time going out with friends or alone just reading books or watching my favorite shows (in compiled pirated dvd) or movies but preferebly i enjoy the latter more ^_^. I enjoy watching crime mysteries. That’s my frustration. In my fantasy I’m a forensic scientist. I really like to be one but the at the rate of development of technology here in the Philippines (and i suck in chemistry), I’d rather not. So the fantasy remains a fantasy.

I only have 3 goals in life. One, I want to be successful in the career that God chose for me. Two, to be with a person who will give me the life that I deserve to have, and three, to give my mom a happy life when she gets old. My first dream is in the process. I just pray that its God’s will for me to reach it. If not?! Oh well, just make a new dream and conquer it. My second dream wherein I have no regrets. I’m so thankful to god that he gave me a good partner, if not the best. I do not long for a very luxurious life. I am contented with a simple but happy life. I strongly believe that material things are nothing. It get’s outdated, and eventually you have to buy the latest one to fulfill your satisfaction. I’ll go for a man who will love me more than anything. A man who could make you feel so loved that you would not search for love from anything or anyone else (if you know what I mean). And thankfully that’s what I got. Well, the rest of my goals are yet to be reached but i know in time, it’ll be within my reach.

Especially when god is at your side. Prayers are powerful you know?


A decade of wizardry…

20 Jul

I have been a Harry Potter fan from the get go. I have read all the books (all borrowed from cousins and friends, lol) and have watched all the movies. It’s pretty nostalgic thinking that It was way back 2001 when I first watched the Sorcerer’s Stone. Seeing young Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest. Since then, I get excited with the thought of the next installment coming out the next year. I still remember the time when I finished the Goblet of Fire book in 3 days just in time before I watch the movie.

It’s just funny how everytime, I finish watching the movie, I always complain that its not complete. That they omitted important parts of the story, yada yada yada.. But I still end up watching all the movies :). I guess my love for Harry supersedes my rants and complaints.

This year marks the end of the “Epic franchise.” I forced my hubby to watch Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2 with me last July 15, 2011. I was almost teary eyed since the start of the movie. Not because the scene is emotional but because of the thought that this will be the last of the Harry Potter saga. I’ll spare this movie because I want the memory to be pristine (LOL).

I guess its goodbye to Harry, Hermione and Ron to me and my fellow Harry Potter fanatics. See you in my books and my downloaded movies. I hope that J.K Rowling will come up with a story that will measure up with Harry Potter.